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Asphalt Overlays of Concrete Pavements: Case Studies in ...

asphalt cement, without a mix redesign, so long as the new asphalt cement was a 60-70-penetration-grade from an ap­ proved source. • Aggregated and asphalt cements were heated to mixing temperature (400°F and 300°F, respectively) on electric hotplates. • Mixing was accomplished by hand.

recycled asphalt using with asphalt plant

Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA): Two hot mixed asphalt batch plants located in Fadian are capable of producing 300 TPH and 150 TPH respectively. Both plants are computer controlled to ensure exact HMA mix proportioning. Twenty dump trucks ensure that HRP is capable of delivering over 2000 tons of HMA per shift.

64 16 m3 asphalt road sweeper truck

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Hot Mix Asphalt - Illinois Department of Transportation

Hot Mix Asphalt Full Lane Sealant (CBM) Application: This special prevision was developed to improve the tack coat used in construction of full-depth HMA pavements and HMA overlays. Effective Date: 06/01/18. Revised Date: Contact Person: Kelly Morse/ Phone: 217/782-1916 / Email: [email protected]

Hot-Mix Asphalt Laydown and Compaction

9727-13/Sec13 12/20/00 17:43 Page 116. 116 . HOT-MIX ASPHALT PAVING HANDBOOK 2000. FIGURE 13-1 Typical end-dump truck. FIGURE 13-3 Material pickup machine.


Gmm = Max Specific Gravity of mix . Gb = Gravity of asphalt cement . Pmm = Percent by mass of loose mix . Ps = Percent (%) Agg. Content ... (Rev. 11-16-15) (Rev. 6-27-16) (Rev. 12-2-16) ... Work items identified in the contract which are not bid normally associated with highway construction and require highly specialized knowledge, abilities ...


The Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement produced with an approved WMA technology shall meet the requirements of section 401.04 - Temperature Requirements, unless otherwise approved by the Department. For the purposes of this Section, the traveled way includes truck lanes, ramps, approach roads and auxiliary lanes. 401.07 Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale - Factory direct price!

Self loading concrete mixer for sale has a strong function that feed, mix and discharge aggregate by itself.It has a metering system and adds water automatically. Moreover, Self loading concrete mixers for sale can produce and transport concrete at the same time. The mixer drum on the self loading concrete mixers can rotate at 270 degrees.So there is a broad scale to pour concrete on the ...

Asphalt Tarp - Dump Truck Asphalt Tarps - Best Hot Asphalt ...

Asphalt Tarp is a dump truck asphalt tarp, best hot asphalt tarp cover for dump trucks. Standard Lee style dump truck asphalt tarps with Reinforced Pockets and 6 inch heavy duty hems, webbing. Made in USA. Heavy duty 18 oz Vinyl Dump Truck Asphalt Tarp material.

Asphalt Volume Calculator - CSGNetwork

This calculator is designed to give the volume in both cubic feet and cubic yards, and the tons of asphalt hot mix required for the form size you have entered. The tonage calculation is specific to asphalt only. In our equations, 1 cubic yard of hot asphalt mix weighs 2.025 tons, or 4050 lbs.


GIFE HOT MIX ASPHALT, HMA, PAVEMENT SECTION 13 Rev. 12-16-20 13-2 Once the QCP is approved, enforce it to the same extent as any other contract document. If the ontractor is performing its work cc ontrary to the QCP, attempt to resolve the discrepancy as soon as possible. If the issue cannot be resolved with the contractor, notify the AE.

Hot Mix Asphalt Paving Handbook, AC 150/5370-14A, …

9727-13/Sec13 12/20/00 17:43 Page 116 116 HOT-MIX ASPHALT PAVING HANDBOOK 2000 FIGURE 13-1 Typical end-dump truck. FIGURE 13-3 Material pickup machine. of variable thickness, than for courses whose thickness


16 Abstract Pavement deformation of hot mix asphalt mixtures (HMA) is one of the major distresses affecting pavement performance. With the current Superpave mix design method, there is no strength or permanent deformation testing of the HMA mixture. The objectives of …

Warm Mix Asphalt Final Report

16. ABSTRACT The performance of pavements constructed using warm mix asphalt (WMA) technology were compared to the performance of conventional hot mix asphalt (HMA) pavements placed on the same project. Measurements of friction resistance, rutting/wear, ride and pavement condition

Confalt - UK by Contec Group -

The Confalt system can be applied to almost any type of new or existing base, from cement stabilized gravel to asphalt, concrete and steel. The open graded asphalt is …

Hot Mix vs Cold Mix Asphalt - Advantages and Disadvantages

Strength – Hot mix asphalt is the most durable grade of paving asphalt, which is why it's used for high traffic roads and highways. Cold mix asphalt isn't strong enough for regular vehicle traffic. Bend but Not Break – Asphalt is more flexible than it's paving counterpart concrete. Asphalt's flexibility and malleability allow it to ...

Armor Asphalt - Chip Seal

Hot Mix Asphalt is produced by heating liquid asphalt, and mixing with sand and aggregate. This mix is then laid and compacted on a sturdy base to form a durable road. Chip sealing uses the same ingredients as asphalt but the liquid asphalt is sprayed on the road, followed by the aggregate placement, and then compaction.


The asphalt mixture used for this trial consisted of a coarse-graded 12.5-mm nominal maximum aggregate size (NMAS) Superpave mix design, with a compactive effort of 100 gyrations. The mix design used for the HMA was also used for the WMA without any changes. The aggregate used for the design was a basalt and natural sand blend

Hot-Mix Asphalt Mixture IL-9.5FG

HOT-MIX ASPHALT MIXTURE IL-9.5FG (CBM) Effective: July 1, 2005. Revised: May 10, 2019. Description. This work shall consist of constructing fine graded hot-mix asphalt (HMA) surface course or leveling binder with an IL-9.5FG mixture. Work shall be according to Sections 406, 407 and 1030 of the Standard Specifications, except as modified herein.

Don't Get Burned When Spec'ing Asphalt Trucks | For ...

Asphalt trucks spend a lot of time on the road; therefore, fuel economy has more of an impact on operating costs. "Spec enough torque to effectively …

7cbm truck mounted drum Nigeria -

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Source HOWO Chassis 12 14 Ton asphalt spray truck for sale ...

CLW 5 ton truck asphalt distributor for sale bitumen sprayer. 5 ton small asphalt sprayer truck Asphalt Distributor for sale. China manufacture 5ton Asphalt Distributor truck spary Clw 5 Ton Truck Asphalt Distributor For Sale Bitumen, We are manufacturer of small bitumen sprayers, is by the use of a hand spray, liquid and hot bitumen on road so that when hot mix asphalt is.

HOWO 84 Asphalt Synchronous Chip Sealing Asphalt

Oct 04, 2021· Sinotruck howo 6X4 Synchronous Chip Sealer Truck With 8cbm Asphalt Tank 12cbm Chip Bucket Synchronous chip seal truck is one of the most successful road-resurfacing methods, designed to extend the life of a road's driving surface. The chip seal process involves applying a layer of asphalt emulsion and aggregate rock over the road.


the Job Mix Formula (JMF). Unless otherwise noted in Special Provision 403 Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement, the - design, verification, Quality Control, and Acceptance tests for this mix will be performed at 65 gyrations. The Contractor shall submit for Department approval a JMF to the Asphalt Pavement Engineer for each mixture to be supplied.

Transportation Considerations for Asphalt Pavements ...

Both hot mix asphalt and warm mix asphalt cools during truck transport, which affects its characteristics when laid by the paver and during compaction. Mixes are usually loaded into a truck at a fairly uniform temperature, but during transport, some of that heat can be lost at the surface which causes a cool thin crust to form that surrounds a ...

Asphalt Calculator - How much asphalt do you need?

Hot Mix Asphalt: Also "Dense-Graded Mix", this is the most widely used type, ideal for all traffic conditions, for surfacing and repairing needs, great friction. During production the binder is heated at high temperatures to reduce viscosity and to remove all moisture prior to mixing. The asphalt density used in this calculator most closely ...


This work shall consist of one or more courses of QC/QA HMA base, intermediate, or surface mixtures constructed on prepared foundations in accordance with 105.03. 401.02 Quality Control The HMA shall be supplied from a certified HMA plant in accordance with 10 ITM 583; Certified Hot Mix Asphalt Producer Program. The HMA shall be

1 2cbm-4cbm concrete mixer machine price

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EZ Street Asphalt – CCA - California Commercial Asphalt

EZ Street asphalt is also a natural for remote locations where hot mix is a logistical challenge. Wineries, mountain roads, state parks, desert highways—name your location. If hot mix delivery is difficult, or the repair is simply too small to justify a hot mix delivery, EZ Street asphalt is ready to work. And it works on your time every time.

environmental guideline on asphalt plant

Environmental Management Act -- ASPHALT PLANT . Interpretation. 1 (1) In this regulation: "Act" means the Environmental Management Act; "aggregate" means any combination of crushed rock, gravel, sand or granular material suitable for the manufacture of hot mix asphalt; "bitumen" means a class of black or dark-coloured solid, semi-solid or viscous cementitious substances, natural or ...

bitumen weight per drum

HOT MIX ASPHALT TRUCKING - Roadtec. the same truck cost per hour ($45) as in the Figure 3 calculations the cost per truck cycle is reduced to $49.50 and haul cost per ton is reduced to $2.47. With the reduced truck cycle time of 66 minutes trucks can make 9 trips per day instead of 7 and the number of trucks can be reduced from 17 to 14. Notice the

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Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) HOT MIX ASPHALT (HMA) Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA): Two hot mixed asphalt batch plants located in Fadian are capable of producing 300 TPH and 150 TPH respectively. Both plants are computer controlled to ensure exact HMA mix proportioning. Twenty dump trucks ensure that HRP is capable of delivering over 2000 tons of HMA per shift.